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All PT and 1-to-1 sessions are accepted by the trainer and payments are made in-person.

Scroll down to read about our trainers, the services they offer, and their contact details. Please get in touch with them directly to arrange an initial assessment. We request that existing clients continue to contact trainers directly.

Emily Newson (she/her)

Emily is the founder of Ground Studio London. She has a holistic approach to training, and is passionate about personalising sessions to each of her clients to help them reach their personal fitness goals.

She specialises in mobility and flexibility training, posture and physical maintenance with a rich background in the needs of clients in pre-natal, post-natal and menopausal stages. Emily also has experience with working with clients with disabilities. 

You can contact Emily directly at

Natasha Knight (she/her)

Tasha now specialises in holistic mobility training, all types of pilates. Including back care, conditioning & classical. Inclusive Yoga 4 all bodies from power flow vinyasa to restorative rest sessions. Tasha is a vedantic meditation & breath work practitioner which she uses as part of her coaching.

'Everything I teach I have used as part of my healing journey & passionately believe the only way out of our busy anxious minds is to go within & drop into our bodies, I have struggled with mental health issues my whole life & I can honestly say movement & meditation saved me, I love to bring humour & a huge amount of everything I do.'


You can contact Tasha directly at

Mervyn Espie (he/him)

Mervyn specialises in Fat burn, Metabolic Conditioning, Endurance and Altitude training, General wellbeing ,Post stroke and Orthopaedic rehabilitation. After training in boxing for several years, he was introduced to Kettlebell Training for strength, endurance and functional training which increased my fitness 100%. From there he has maintained a high level of fitness for 30 plus years and still competes in fitness and endurance challenges. Mervyn is based in Northern Ireland, returning to London for a week once monthly to see my excising clients and new ones . I see my clients 1-1 in Ground Studio and then weekly by zoom in their homes or in the gym.


You can contact Mervyn directly at

Paul Underwood (he/him)

Paul is a dedicated practitioner of Tai Chi, Qigong blended with the latest in Personal Training Techniques to help you find your own unique optimal level of functioning. I offer a holistic approach to health and well- being balancing Mind and Body with the internal energy systems or Qi as it's known in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

level 4 senior fitness personal trainer 

You can contact Paul directly at

Yvette Carter (she/her)

Ever since I can remember, I have been driven in the field of sport and exercise. Over the years, I have sought to find ways to develop and evolve my body through many disciplines. I acquired a degree in theatre dance from the prestigious London Studio Centre, and spent many years dancing professionally on stage and screen.

I have since turned my attention to the fitness industry, where I am a qualified level 3 Master Trainer and an instructor of a variety of class formats, I specialise in functional training and Injury rehabilitation for the everyday individual. Dedicated to offering personable programs, I work with you to achieve your goals - be it short term weightless or long term sporting achievements, all the while helping to educate you on the best way that fits your lifestyle.

You can contact Yvette directly at

Lou Jurgens (they/them)

Lou is an artist and coach from Canada. Their own physical training as a performer transformed their relationship to their body and gender. Lou is an advocate for safe spaces in the fitness industry for any queer identifying person to workout. Coming from a group fitness background in HIIT, spin and weightlifting classes, Lou is passionate about finding joy and
strength in every session. They believe that movement is an access point to embodiment and empowerment.

You can contact Lou directly at

Luke Rose (he/him)

Luke is a trainer and moment coach with twenty years of experience working with a wide variety of clients. His ethos of learning to understand your body and mind in synergy is the foundation to building a happier relationship with all that is you. Whether an amateur athlete or simply wishing to feel better, the aim is not only to improve but to really enjoy the journey. He has a strong belief in the strength of play and exploration, you only get one body after all. It’s yours, you should be able to have fun with it for life.

Gray Caws (he/Him)

With an passion for trail running that started in secondary school cross country challenges, it seems only logical that I have used this passion to build a business helping others find enjoyment in fun activites that can unleash their full potential.

I got involved in the health and fitness industry back in 2011. Before then I worked as a graphic and web designer. I’ve also worked as an actor, DJ and greengrocer!

As a coach I work with individuals, small groups, and teams.

I follow a logical approach with a clear intention, encouraging exploration, curiosity, and discovery.

My aim is to make working together a unique, enlightening, fun experience.


Gray and Adventures In Movement offer retreats in Oxygen Advantage teacher training and adventure holidays.

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