A strength, balance and wellbeing studio based in North London Focusing on a more mindful approach to health and fitness.



Ground was built with the aim of providing all forms of what we need to feel good: strength, mobility, fitness and mental well-being.

We have learned that the body works so much better when we look after it holistically.Ground was conceived to give you this.

At Ground, we all have different backgrounds and our passions are very varied, as you can see from the wide spectrum of classes.

But, what we all share is one mindset...we feel better when we move.

We built Ground last year to support and help our community feel good in their bodies. Its been one hell of a year and we are so excited about being open again.

Whatever your needs are, whatever your fitness journey should be , there is no judgement at ground.

Smile, sweat and be apart of our growing family.



Our classes are designed carefully and thought out very mindfully to provide your body with  balance, strength, flexibility and stamina.

At ground we are very proud to offer a very in depth approach to your wellbeing within every single class to make life just that little more smoother.

Our intention at Ground is for people to feel like they are in an environment with no boundaries on what type of classes you can attend, whatever your fitness levels maybe, allowing you space to grow at which ever pace you choose – all part of life’s beautiful journey…



At Ground, our approach is a holistic one. So, whether you join us for classes or personal training, we work on building flexibility, balance, strength and stamina. Understanding your goals and helping you progress towards them is at the heart of what we do. 


You might be starting out on your fitness journey or be an exercise enthusiast already. Ground is a welcoming environment for everyone.  All personal training sessions are designed to meet your individual needs, at your pace, working around any injuries, so that you get a great workout.  


Many Ground clients enjoy the variety that a mix of personal training and classes can bring.  For those less confident with classes, personal training is a great place to start, building your foundation movements and confidence, so that you can join classes if you want to.


Our personal training sessions are typically 45 minutes and we offer a range of packages to provide clients with maximum flexibility. 

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